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Reach the millions of people planning and taking road trips across the United States each month with the help of our platform.

Why Roadtrippers

Each month millions of travelers turn to Roadtrippers looking for inspiration on places to go and on things to do.

2.5 Million Monthly Users

Complete travel and tourism focus

Motivated spenders looking for new places

A partnership with Roadtrippers will put you at the very heart of the experience. Let's make you part of the conversation...

Key Features

We created Roadtrippers for Business for both large and small companies looking to attract the lucrative (and competitive) traveler and tourist customer segment. Our team has worked with hundreds of business owners like you to better understand your challenges and how our platform can help you get more customers.

Simple Edits

Quickly update every piece of information about your business, so your customers are up-to-date and get the latest information.

Verified, Accurate Listings

Let visitors know that you have verified your business to ensure that all the information is up-to-date and accurate.

Search Boost

Get a boost in search results to ensure more people find your business. Stand out with larger sized results to drive more traffic to your listing.

Custom Call to Action

Add a prominent call to action to whatever drives your business whether it be "Order Online," "Reserve a Room," "Book a Tour," or anything else you can imagine.

Cross Promotion

Place your listing prominently on any other listing nearby. For example, if you offer tours of the Grand Canyon, your listing can appear on the Grand Canyon page. Also, ensure that no competitors are listing on your page.

Promote Deals, Offers, and Events

Publish your latest events and offers to attract nearby visitors looking for something interesting by giving some extra incentive and information.

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  • Immediate Ownership Verification
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  • 2x Search Boost
  • Unlimited, Instant Data Updates
  • Additional Data Attributes
  • Deluxe Search Listing
  • 1 Anchor Place Listing
  • Featured Map Icon
  • 3 Competitor Listings
  • 0 Custom Promotion Links
  • Publish Deals and Events
    (1 per Quarter)
  • No Homepage Rotation
$199/Year (2 months free!)
(per location)


  • Immediate Ownership Verification
    Verify Date:
  • 4x Search Boost
  • Unlimited, Instant Data Updates
  • Additional Data Attributes
  • Super Search Listing
  • 3 Anchor Place Listings
  • Featured Map Icon
  • NO Competitor Listings
  • 2 Custom Promotion Links
  • Publish Deals and Events
  • Homepage Rotation
$499/Year (2 months free!)
(per location)

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At this time, only travel and tourism related businesses will be allowed to enroll in any of our promotional plans. If your business is not travel and tourism related, then you should not try to enroll. Over time, we will be removing non-travel and tourism places from our website in order to provide a cleaner experience for our users.

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